Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people make mistakes?

There are Traps of human nature that lead to most of the human factor mistakes, incidents and accidents.

Why is EPTI so successful?

We present the principles of Error Prevention on a practical level that anyone can easily understand, remember and implement at home and at work. We make learning these principles exciting, interesting, and fun.

What results can companies expect from Error Prevention Training?

Employees are excited to have the Tools to prevent mistakes and work more effectively. Quality, productivity, and effectiveness increase as mistakes, incidents, and accidents are reduced. Communication is enhanced both within teams and between teams, as well as with customers and suppliers.

What if we already have a quality and/or safety program?

Our Tools enhance in-house training programs and act as a catalyst to improve the results of other quality or safety programs. In fact, Lockheed Martin Space Systems initially implemented Error Prevention Training in their production areas to help make Lean Thinking more successful!

Who can benefit from Error Prevention training?

You can! Our clients include individuals, small companies, major corporations, government agencies, fire departments, military units, flight departments, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies.