Services We Offer

EPI offers Error Prevention Training to help your group or organization.  Any of our services can be customized for specific requirements.



  • Online Effectiveness Training

    On-Line Course

    Our quick and practical e-Learning course covers the traps of human nature that trip us up and provides practical tools you can use to avoid or deal with those traps.  A customized version can be produced for your organization if desired.
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  • Web Based Effectiveness Training

    Web Based Information and Discussions

    Training is not effective unless it is reinforced on a regular basis. EPI provides that reinforcement through articles, case studies, discussions and other resources available to our clients.
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Onsite Learning:

  • Live Seminar Training

    Interactive Seminars

    In addition to E-Learning, we can also provide live Error Prevention seminars customized for your industry and/or organization.

  • Error Prevention Consulting

    Error Prevention Consulting

    EPI can help your organization deal with specific error prevention issues.

  • Error Prevention Meetings

    Leadership Workshops

    Management at all levels is the key to maximizing the effectiveness of Error Prevention Training. EPI offers Leadership Workshops that help People in Charge (PICs) effectively implement Error Prevention in their team or area of responsibility with a minimum of time and effort required.

  • Effective Presentations

    Speaking Engagements

    EPI provides entertaining and informative presentations that are customized for your organization.