Corporate Training

Is your organization affected by:

  • Low productivity?
  • Communication problems?
  • Employee morale problems?
  • Lack of effective leadership training?
  • Making the same mistakes over and over?

You don’t need to turn your organization upside down or make radical changes. Just give your employees the TOOLS they need and the KNOWLEDGE to use them.  EPTI’s corporate training can help your organization achieve solutions to issues like these with Error Prevention Training that gives employees and leaders practical tools they can begin using immediately to avoid errors and work more effectively! EPTI’s Error Prevention Training promotes strong leadership combined with an atmosphere of open communication that encourages respectfully assertive employees to speak up, use good judgment, and do the right thing. In today’s competitive marketplace, this is a strong advantage, and your organization deserves every advantage it can get.

Error Prevention Training is Fast, it’s Fun, and IT WORKS!

EPTI has been helping organizations achieve ultimate effectiveness since 1991. Ultimate effectiveness is not a destination, it’s a journey. No matter how good you are today, you can always be a little better tomorrow. There is no system or magic buzzword that will get you there. It takes an ongoing process of open and honest communication about the problems and possibilities each person, team  and organization faces.  EPTI gives you the tools you need to start the journey and an ongoing process to ensure that successes are built upon and errors are not repeated.

Our clients tell us that their employees really enjoy Error Prevention Training. They particularly like the way our training provides practical Tools they can implement immediately without lots of extra study.

Does Error Prevention Training Replace Other Quality/Safety Initiatives?

No! Error Prevention Training helps other quality and safety initiatives to be successful. Lockheed Martin Astronautics (now Space Systems) initially provided Error Prevention Training to its production staff in order to help Lean Thinking be successful. Because the Traps and Tools of Error Prevention are so simple and easy to use, they can serve as a catalyst to help the implementation of more complicated systems like Lean Thinking, Six Sigma, 5S, TQM, and ISO. Error Prevention can also strengthen ethics programs.

Flexible Delivery Options

Your employees can take the Preventing Human Error course on our Learning Management System (LMS) (quantity discounts available), or you can license the course to be installed on your own corporate LMS for even greater savings and easy availability and tracking.

Contact EPI today for more information on how we can provide a customized Error Prevention Program that is just right for your organization.