Why Smart People Do Dumb Things and How To Avoid The Same Mistakes

After presenting Error Prevention Training as a live seminar for 20 years, EPI spent over a year developing a computer based course we could make available over the internet or on corporate Learning Management Systems.

Why take Error Prevention online?

Web based e-Learning, when properly constructed, has a number of advantages over a live seminar:

  • Condensed/Concise Training
    The course is available in six 30 minute modules, so it only takes three hours to complete.
  • Flexible Training Schedule
    The course can be completed in one three hour session, or it can be taken one module at a time. This allows everyone to complete the course at their own pace as their schedule allows.
  • Better Learning and Retention
    Learner interaction and Knowledge Checks help to ensure the material is understood, remembered and ready to put into use.
  • Refresher Training
    Each module can also function as a 30 minute refresher training session. If you review one 30 minute module every two months, you will review the entire course over a year, keeping Error Prevention fresh in your mind so you are ready to use the Tools to avoid any Traps waiting to trip you up. The entire course is also available for review whenever desired.
  • Additional Resources
    Everyone who takes the e-Learning course also receives a one year subscription to our website containing case studies, articles, discussions, Huddle Guides and other Error Prevention resources.

What does the course cover?

  • Module 1 – Error Prevention Basics
    Introduces the most critical Traps and Tools so you can start avoiding mistakes and working more effectively right away!
  • Module 2 – What’s Your Attitude?
    You will learn to recognize and neutralize six Hazardous Attitudes and six Special Situations that can lead to Sudden Loss of Judgment.
  • Module 3 – How’s Your Stuff?
    Learn how to analyze internal and external resources to determine if you have what it takes to successfully complete the task.
  • Module 4 – Working Together Effectively
    Very few people work in total isolation, so you will learn about personality and team traits that affect how people work together, as well as how to make communication effective and facilitate team performance.
  • Module 5 – What’s Your Situation?
    Many of the Traps lead to a loss of Situational Awareness, so you will learn how to maintain peak awareness, how to realize when you have lost awareness, and how to recover if your awareness is diminished.
  • Module 6 – Task Management Through Good Decision Making
    Learn how to apply the Tools of Error Prevention to improve individual and team decisions, and how to incorporate the concepts you have learned into your daily activities.

EPTI’s practical e-learning course makes it convenient for anyone to benefit from error prevention in all areas of their lives.