What if We Didn’t Have to Work with Other People?

No more time wasted in boring meetings!

No more listening to boring stories!

No disagreements!

We could just do, whatever…

For most working people that is not the reality.  We must learn to work effectively with our co-workers, management, contractors, vendors and many others through the course of a day.  Often, putting us in difficult or challenging circumstances that may cause tension, errors and even accidents.

That is where the Error Prevention Training Institute (EPTI) can help.

We have the world’s best human error prevention methodology, proven and validated by thousands of people, over decades and the WORLD’s leading organizations. Do you want to find out more about how it works?

We offer an online course that we recommend to all employees to create a common language and understanding of the Error Prevention methodology. We highly recommend pairing this with PIC and Executive training to gain buy in to the approach across the organization. That can be offered in multiple ways depending on the needs and preference of your organization.

We can help design a solution that works for you.  We have exciting new options on how to deliver our proven practices (mobile app, marketing material, onsite and online classes for the enterprise or individual learner, custom video, simulation development and many others.

We have an amazing 30 minute demo that provides an overview of the training and what it can mean for your organization.  We highly recommend that as a starting point for your teams to begin to work more effectively together while reducing errors, incidents and accidents.

Contact us today to schedule a web conference demonstration.


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