Our team at EPTI has been developing and refining their unique approach to quality, safety and effectiveness training since 1970. Proven success and decades of experience has allowed us to help countless individuals and organizations.


Helped develop and implement Crew Resource Management (CRM) training for corporate jet pilots at SimuFlite Training International.


Selected by CAE-Link to develop an Aircrew Coordination Training (ACT) course and provide training to all branches of the US military in the United States and around the world.


Started Advanced Aviation Training Seminars (AATS), providing Error Prevention Training to EMS, corporate and government aviation departments.


Based on the popularity and success of AATS, founded the Error Prevention Institute (EPI) and developed training appropriate for anyone to use at home or at work. Provided training to hospitals, fire departments, and law enforcement agencies, along with a variety of companies and government agencies.


Developed the Huddle Process to enhance the implementation and consistent application of the Traps and Tools of Error Prevention.


Selected in a competitive process by Lockheed Martin Astronautics (now Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company – LMSSC) to provide Error Prevention Training to most of their 15,000 employees across the country.


Because of the success of Error Prevention Training in reducing its incident and accident rates, LMSSC starts actively promoting Error Prevention Training to its suppliers and customers, leading EPI to provide training to organizations like NASA, Honeywell, Motorola, General Dynamics, and ITT, as well as other divisions of Lockheed Martin.


Developed web based e-Learning training so everyone can benefit from Error Prevention Training. This approach also makes it easier for organizations to train new hires and provide recurrent training to their employees.


Established a new web site offering an opportunity for individuals and organizations to share Error Prevention information and stories, thus helping everyone to maintain the highest levels of effectiveness through awareness of the Traps and use of the Tools of Error Prevention.